General Race Information

Welcome to the Yorkshire Triathlon 2015, scheduled to take place on June 14th 2015!

This event is in its 5th year of running and situated at Pugneys Park Wakefield, which held the British Triathlon Championships in 2006. This fantastic triathlon is great for all abilities including Experienced and beginner triathletes. The event offers different formats including Olympic, Team Olympic, Sprint, Team Sprint, Super sprint, Youth and Junior. The overall course is designed to be challenging and fun and allows each triathlete the opportunity to reach a personal best. Last year’s event winner completed the course in 2HR 20minutes.

If you have any further questions, Please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Race Distances & Courses

Three race distances are available and all the courses are in the surrounding countryside full details of course lengths are given below.

Swim Bike Run
Olympic/Team Olympic 1500m 40K 10K
Sprint/Team Sprint/Junior 750m 20K 5K
Super Sprint/Youth 400m 10K 2.5K


Registration for the Yorkshire Triathlon is situated at Pugneys Park in the main information centre. Registration will be on the Saturday afternoon with the main event being held on the Sunday (Specific times can be seen in the race pack). Registration is where you will collect your race pack with the medal being given after the race on Sunday.

Swim Course

The swim course is situated in the Lake and is great for Open Water Swimming. You will require to wear a wetsuit for the Swim (you can easily hire these wetsuits from Each swim distance is clearly marked with large buoys and each wave will be led with a lead kayak. Pugneys Park provides great water safety and if you are in need of assistance they will be able to help.

Bike Course

The overall bike course is hilly and challenging. For safety reason the route will require all triathletes to turn left at all major turns. The route will be well marked with singe will be clearly visible along the route. There will be marshals at all major junctions. There will be a bike referee who will drive along the bike route to ensure there is no drafting! It is important that during the bike course your race number is clearly visible on your back at all times.

Run Course

For those runners who are doing the super sprint, the route will take you around the lake with the lake being on your left hand side, again like the bike course the route will be signed posted and well marshalled.

For those runners who will be doing the Sprint and Olympic the route will start off at Pugneys park keeping the lake on the left hand side, you will then veer off towards sandal castle then follow the directions back to Pugneys park. For those of you doing Olympic you would be required to do two laps. The route will be well signed posted and marshalled to keep you on track, throughout the run you be encouraged by our fantastic volunteers. The overall route is mainly flat with hilly parts leading towards sandal castle, the route itself is off road.

Transition Layout

Transition is based adjacent to Pugneys Park Information centre and is close to swim exit. There is only one transition point which accommodates swim to bike and bike to run. Transition is only open on the event morning and is open for a period of time to allow you to rack your bike and prepare yourself for the event. Transition will close just before race briefing (for specific times please see the race pack). To gain access to transition you will need your race number without this you will not allowed to enter transition.


The Start will commence near the jetty and is a perfect view point for spectators, you will set off in waves (please see the race pack for specific times).

The finish will be in the centre of the whole event making it great opportunity for a photo’s to be taken and cheering on by friends and family.

Car Park

The Car Park is situated over the road from Pungeys Park and is close to transition and registration. The Car Park is a situated of Asdale Road (A6186) and will be clearly signed post from the roundabout at PugneysPark and along Asdale Road. Please ensure you arrive with plenty of time before the event to ensure you have plenty of time to prepare yourself and listen to the race briefing.


Race Rules

The race will be run under the British Triathlon Federation rules and refereed by their sanctioned referees. Please ensure you are aware of the rules regarding drafting for the bike course as you may attract time penalities otherwise. Full details of the rules of the British Triathlon Federation can be found by clicking the British Triathlon button to the right of this page.

Getting to the Venue

The venue is located 5 minutes from junctions of the M56 and M6. Access to such good traffic links means that you will probably not have to book local accommodation near the venue.

Race Insurance

To participate in a triathlon you must be insured and we will provide you with a British Triathlon Federation day license as part of your race entry fee. The day license insurance is third party insurance. Only those entrants who are members of the British Triathlon Federation will not have to pay this fee (membership confers insurance cover).


When entering this event you will be asked to provide medical details, if you have any major concerns about your health before the event please contact you doctor/GP and then inform us of the outcome. It is important to let us know prior to event so we can pass this information onto our medical team on the day. Medical cover will be provided by a 1st class medical company, Last year YourMed provided the medical assistance for our event.